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  • Within a week of purchasing this product I have used it with great results. It has really helped me out of some tough IV sticks. Being a Home IV infusion nurse I don't always have another RN nearby to help. This light has really helped me and I'm so happy I have it."
  • TcB measured With Meter At Both Forehead & Midsternum Shows A Strong Correlation With TSB Measured In the Laboratory. The Correlation Equations Were TSB=1.409+0.8655*TcB(R2=0.78871) At The Forehead, And TSB=0.7555+0.8974*TcB(R2=0.78488) At The Midsternum. The Mean Areas Under The Curves Of Bland-Altman Plots And Bradley-Blackwood Test Showed Of TcB At The Forehead And midsternum At Three TSB Levels (>10mg/dL,>13mg/
  • I am a Nuclear Medicine/PET/CT Technologist and have used Veincheck®many years ago when a company had bought one for use in starting IVs for those patients with limited access for IV placement. I have been looking for one since then but they were way too expensive for an individual to buy. I found the Veincheck® Projector Model GP105 to be exactly what I need and affordable for an individual to buy!!
    Jennifer Lee
  • I use the Veincheck® every day in my practice. The website is easy to navigate and clear to use. Makes ordering easy.
    Brandon Ross
  • "Excellent! Highly recommended."
    Sara Wright
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