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1: To design innovative medical products that help mankind
2: Produce highest quality products at affordable prices
3: Provide excellent service and support to our customers

R B Incorporation Healthcare LLC is a small high tech company comprising dedicated people who design, manufacture and sell medical devices that can help reduce the pain and trauma to patients during venous access and treatment of varicose veins.

R B Incorporation Healthcare LLC was started to commercialize an innovative product called the Bilisense for Jaundice detection. The Bilisense device was designed by Dr.Sunil N Shah & Mr Gunjan and used an innovative technique called Photometry-transcutaneous method for making a small area of the Jaundice Treatment For Infants.

Preliminary results from this study were presented at the Gujarat Pediatric Conference in 2004 by the researchers from Lady Care Child Hospital. These results showed that cross-polarized imaging was a simple way of imaging superficial structures in the Hemoglobin lesion while transcutaneous showed the deeper structures better. Moreover, imaging the reflection Of hemoglobin lesion with contact Probe plate reduced the “Inaccuracy” caused by increased Jaundice Cases. This was observed with both cross-polarized imaging and transcutaneous imaging. The effect was stronger for trancutaneous imaging Method.

The concept of the Veinfinder Device device originated from the clinical results collected with the Bilisense. Two very consistent pieces of information about transillumination imaging became clear to Mr. Gunjan, the Primary Investigator of the R B Incorporation healthcare LLC funded research.

1. Blood vessels were seen better with transillumination imaging than with cross-polarized imaging.
2. Deeper blood vessels could be seen easier with transillumination than polarized imaging.

An attempt at trying to remove these blood vessels, from skin lesion images by software, was not very successful. Finally, an early morning epiphany in 2008 led to designing a simple side-transillumination device with an opening in the ring to image superficial blood vessels. This device was called the Veinfinder and utilized a fiberoptic ring light with a powerful light source to regionally transilluminate a small area of the skin for blood vessel imaging. Several attempts at marketing this new concept of imaging blood vessels with side-transillumination were not successful even though a dual light Venoscope device existed for imaging veins.

The breakthrough in the acceptance of Veinfinder as a useful device came in 2008 when a presentation of the new Veinfinder for vein imaging was presented by Gunjan patel at the Motherhood Womens Hospital. The abstract presentation was awarded the ISO 9001 2008 By American Institute Of National Standard Member award and 10% of the attendees bought a Veinfinder at the meeting to use for finding deeper feeder veins during the treatment of varicose veins with sclerotherapy.

An arrangement was made with Mrs. R B PATEL to sell the Veinfinder devices through his company since Mr. gunjan was still an Associate Researcher at the Independent. Very quickly, the Veinfinder became an important tool for doctors treating patients with superficial varicose veins. It remains to this day as one of the most important devices for finding the deeper feeder veins that feed the superficial varicosities.

While the Veinfinder was becoming popular for treatment of varicose veins, the underlying belief that the Veinfinder could be beneficial for general vein access took a long time to get accepted by the medical community. Attempts at developing a special device for use with pediatric patients for general vein access were not successful with the NIH grant applications. It was not deemed important by the reviewers since vein access was considered to be quite successful overall. However, 15 years of experience in the hospital and seeing multiple failed attempts at vein access, convinced Mr. Gunjan that general vein access could be improved.

R B Incorporaation Healthcare LLC funded a clinical trial at Motherhood Children’s Hospital to use the fiberoptic Veinlite in a randomized clinical trial to access veins in the hard-to-find vein patients in the Emergency Department. This trial took about three years to complete and a final report was published by R B INCORPORATION. The report showed that the use of the Veinfinder improved the success rate for vein access from 74% to 83% after two attempts in children with hard-to-find-veins. This was the first, and still remains the only randomized clinical trial to demonstrate the use of transillumination for general vein access.

While the clinical trial was going on, Mr. Gunjan carried out research on how to create small pocket devices that could be used by nurses during vein access. From the experience with the use of the Veinfinder for sclerotherapy, it was obvious that side-transillumination was an excellent way of accessing small superficial veins. It also became clear that the design of the Veinfinder ring helped close off the vein and traction could be applied to the skin by pushing the ring back from the opening. This would then secure the vein and make it easier to access the vein. This aspect of the use of the Veinfinder for general vein access is now trademarked by R B Incorporation Healthcare as ‘Veinfinder Vein Access Device. However, the current design of the Veinfinder was not very easy to use by the nurses because it was not easily portable.

The research question was how to create a hand-held device that could operate on a battery and not use 150 watts as in the Veinfinder. After two years of research, it was found that orange/amber light provided the highest contrast for imaging superficial blood vessels while red light penetrated deepest for imaging deeper veins. The two colors of LEDs could produce reasonable images of veins using only two watts of power or less and a design of a portable Veinfinder device called Cvein was created in 2006. Commercial versions of the Veinfinder Cvein® were sold in 2007.

The combination of the orange and the red LED lights soon proved to be very successful for imaging superficial and deeper veins with the Veinfinder Cvein.

The original goal of creating a portable device that could be used by nurses for general vein access now became a reality with the R B Incorporaation LED®. It soon became obvious that these portable devices were very useful for finding veins in children, large patients and patients undergoing chemotherapy. Three other variations of the MedisoruceLED® have been designed to optimize them for different applications. The Veinfinder Cvein® is a simpler, lower cost device for use by pre-hospital emergency medical services. The Veinfinder GP101 is a larger, more powerful version of the Veinfinder Cvein and is perfect for use on overweight patients and for sclerotherapy. The VeinFinder Super Tourch is a tiny device, streamlined for use on neonates and infants.

Several patents have been issued on different aspects of the Veinfinder devices. Veinfinder products are now sold in over 70 countries around the world and several million people per year are benefiting from the use of the Veinfinder for finding veins and accessing them using the new Veinfinder Vein Access method.

During the development of the Veinfinder devices, we have been fortunate to have several excellent collaborators whose contributions have been extremely helpful in developing the final products. See below.


Mission Statement

We Don’t Make Customers, We Just Add Relatives!!!

Our Principles

  • Remain faithful to your promises and responsibilities.
  • Thrive on fascination and accomplishment and not on greed and power.
  • Strive to make each year better than the year before both personally and for the team.
  • Make each day as fun as possible.
  • Do what is best for patient care.

R B INCORPORATION is a high-tech enterprise located in Ahmedabad,Gujarat India, is a leading Manufacturer of high-tech medical instruments With research facilities At Biomedical Department,Gandhinagar Engineering College,Gujarat,India. It was awarded as key high-tech enterprise supported by Ahmedabad municipal government. The company possesses highly skilled medical instrument think-tank team and R&D two kinds about 20 categories medical instruments, all products have their own intellectual property.

R B INCORPORATION has established more than 1 customer service centers all over the country, formed the sale and after-sale service network which covers all the country; it has perfective after-sale service, the products have been into international market and have a leading status with the industry.

Up to now, the enterprise has passed certificates of ISO9001, ISO13485, CE, CCC, CMC, CMD etc., makes great efforts in creating the vast prospects For Patient Care And Safety Of medical Equipments.

R B INCORPORATION is a professional High-Tech company combining R&D, manufacture, and distribution of advanced electronic medical equipments. The company has five product categories, namely Obstetric & Gynecology Products, Patient Monitoring Products, Diagnostic Electrocardiographs, Ultrasonic Imaging Systems and In-vitro Diagnostic Products. R B INCORPORATION owning over 80 types of products, has become a leading medical equipment supplier which maintains sustainable growth worldwide.

R B INCORPORATION is a market-oriented, and R&D driven company, which deploys the cutting-edge technology and develops products that satisfy the market. We master the core technologies in various domains such as Physiological signal detection, medical transducer, main-control platform. Other than that, the company has around 300 Technologies, Registered Logos, core confidential technology, confidential technics. We are driven by the extension of marketing channels and focus on the brand construction. Our products penetrated into more than 480 Level Three general hospitals among over 2000 cities and towns. Meanwhile, the company set up marketing channels among over 120 countries and regions, and preliminarily achieved its globalization strategy. The company established a good brand image among domestic and foreign customers and distributors. To carry out a high quality standard, we established an integrated quality control system from R&D, Supply Chain, Marketing, Sales,Accounts , Purchase,Logistics all the way to after-sales services.


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