We have catered many OEM Supplies in India with different brand names and colors of product.

we are happy to assist you if you are looking bulk quantity

we have variants like your company logo ,if you have color choice we can polish your color on your pieces.

we have customized solutions for your requirement especially in vein finder device category.

Multi purpose vein check device in different colors to satisfy OEM Needs.



C Shape of vein check devices with variant of Infrared LED lights in all combination


Super torch and regular torch shape of vein finder device.This are best seller in south east Asian countries

Packaging variants from cardboard paper to hard rock wooden with foam


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Fill out form for OEM Request as given below.

OEM/Bulk Purchase request form

You may contact us by filling in this form any time you need professional support or have any questions. You can also fill in the form to leave your quantity and requirement with contact details.
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