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Pencil Vein Finder Device
October 7, 2017
Handheld Vein Finder Device
July 25, 2018

Projector Infrared Vein Check Device

Depth of Visible Vein        : Less Than 12mm
LED Lifetime                       : 20000 Hours
Infrared Wavelengths      : 850 Nm
Accuracy                              : 0.25mm
Image Frame Rate             : 20fps
Delivery Time                     : 1~6 Working Days
Warranty                             : 12 Months
Transport Package            : Carton
Specification                       : 28*30*16cm
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RB1006 is the handheld version of vascular imaging navigation instruments;
It adopt the design of mobile chassis so that the support structure can easily move;
It carry large capacity of Lithium battery compartment to achieve long life. RB1006 handheld vein finer are designed specially aiming to health care staff having mobile requirements and the mobile chassis of the bracket is stable and firm; Also accessories, such as personalized pushing hands and storage basket, etc. are equipped; Hover bracket for universal position and multi-joint adjustable mechanisms are equipped with features, for example high flexibility and easy to operate and so on.It can assist the medical staff in venipuncture, intravenous quickly and accurately find and locate, especially for young children, obesity, edema, hirsutism and other vascular positioning difficulties of the patients had a significant role to help improve the success rate of vein puncture,reduce patient pain, improve the doctor-patient relationship.We suggest this vein finder to be used in medical environments such as wards and emergency rooms, etc. withmobile requirements.Technical ParametersLight type: Near-infrared light
Infrared wavelengths: 850 nm
Image resolution: 720*480
Visible Vein Size: ≥1mm
Accuracy: 0.25mm
Depth of Visible Vein: ≤12mm
Best projection distance: 200±20mm
Image frame rate: 20FPS
LED lifetime: 20000 hours
Power Supply: DC 5V ≤3.5W
Weight: 450g
Dimension: 240x60x60mm (LxWxH)
Battery volume: 4400mAH
Battery working time: ≈ 5 hours
Charging time: ≈ 3 hours
Battery detachable: Yes
Operating Mode: Handheld or Suspension
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